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«Golden week» in Tokyo: building foundation for the next year

A conference of digital printing equipment and components manufacturers was held in Tokyo on December 13-14. IQDEMY’s affiliated company DPS Innovations took part in this event as the Silver Sponsor.

In Japan, New Year season is called a “golden week”: during this time, people are busy doing holiday shopping, signing greeting cards for friends and family (called nengajo), throwing big corporative parties, and so on. For the business, this period is also “golden”, because December is the time when corporation representatives meet the dealers, hold meetings and conferences, and choose potential partners for the next year. Since these meetings tend to be extremely important and even decisive, most of Japanese companies allocate special part of the budget to hold them in restaurants and other public places.

In this context, it is particularly important that in December IMI Digital Printing Conference brought Japanese, American, and European printing manufacturers together in one place. After the full two-week program, intensive exchange of views, and lots of informal interaction, the participants managed to formulate the prospects for print market’s future development, recognize important points of contact, and establish promising links connecting different parts of the world.

IQDEMY’s affiliated company DPS Innovations – manufacturer of controlling electronics and software for printing equipment – took part in this event not just as a participant, but also as a Silver Sponsor. It is good to note that such investment proved to be a very fast and effective way to get a dividend.

Participants of IMI Digital Printing Conference included many experts of print industry: leading specialists of industry media and data portals, production companies’ top managers, consultants, engineers, developers, trade representatives of printers, printheads and software.

The conference was chaired by Akioshi Ono, former head of Konica Minolta and its subsidiaries, who is now an independent digital print adviser.

The first day was devoted to the application of digital print technology in textile industry, its prospects and opportunities. The main topics were: reviews of regional and world markets; new technologies and software solutions that can improve the quality of printing; prospects of market development. By the end of the day, participants held a panel discussion on the prospects of industry development.

Keynote speeches of the first day belonged to the representatives of EFI Reggiani and World Textile Information Network. EFI Reggiani's Marketing and Sales Director Michel Riva made a presentation on “Inkjet Print in Finishing Chemical Processing: How to make production cheaper and improve the quality”. WTiN’s Editor of Digital Textile and Effects John Scrimshaw, in addition to presenting a broad overview of world market, made an analysis of textile market’s current requirements and the opportunities for digital printing technologies.

As a result of the discussion it was agreed that, for successful development of digital printing technology, everyone should search for (or create) market niches where it can be applied, providing textile manufacturers with equipment that is designed especially to solve various problems appearing in their production process.

This was followed by the sponsors’ presentations, where DPS Innovations Development Director Konstantin Kruk presented products and services made to satisfy the demands of textile industry.

The second day was focused on IT solutions for digital print. IT Strategies’ reports deserve particular attention as they were devoted to such important issues as shift from analogue to digital solutions, package printing, decorations printing on different surfaces, digital products for textile print, statistical analysis of the prospects of market development, and challenges of the industry.

In conclusion, IT Strategies reporters described the general condition of current printing equipment market: there are many interesting directions available, but it lacks notable breakthroughs. Digital print has a great potential, and all that it needs is strong and brave people who will be able to implement new crazy projects.

The second day ended again with sponsors’ presentations and contacts exchange, which has helped to establish the links with representatives of such top production companies as Toshiba, EFI Reggiani, Durst, Kyocera, Seiko, and Konica Minolta.

After the conference, DPS Innovations Development Director Konstantin Kruk had several significant meetings. He visited Konica Minolta’s head office in Hino (part of Tokyo Metropolis) and had a conversation with the company’s top managers. Besides, he met representatives of Sanryu, manufacturer of single-pass food printers, and Sign Artec Co Ltd, a dealer company.

A visit to Roland’s office was highly productive as well: meeting the developers and talking to them directly about technical aspects of equipment’s work made it possible to identify ways of further cooperation between two companies.

Meeting with the President FEI YEUNG UNION Corporation has already become a good tradition. At dinner in an informal setting, a conversation on cooperation’s prospect was continued (which had started in early December on a cozy patio of FEI YEUNG UNION’s head office in Shanghai).

As we can see, taking part in such events provides plenty of opportunities for making important contacts. We believe that these contacts soon will grow into strong ties of mutually beneficious cooperation.