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Strategic Partnership: Solutions for Swiss watch industry

IQDEMY SA signed an International Join Venture Agreement with the leading representatives of the Swiss watch industry. Promising cooperation is launched!

From the 17 century on, Swiss watchmakers gained world renown as some of the best at their job. Centuries passed but however, today Swiss watches are still a symbol of superb quality and luxury – a symbol of something as beautiful as reliable, able to work for ages and be passed on from generation to generation.

No wonder that in 2014, Swiss watches were included in the list of favorite traditions of Switzerland as a candidate for UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

IQDEMY Company is proud to announce that our printing technology and printing equipment became part of the world famous Swiss watch industry. To resolve some production tasks, our company already developed optimizing digital decisions, improved printing technologies, created special coatings made of liquid sapphire, produced oils and lubricating agents necessary for the industry. As a result, a decision was made to conclude an agreement of integrated strategic partnership between IQDEMY SA, MANTEL Digital AG, DPS Innovations Swizerland SA and CLA – Swiss laboratory of automated build, leading provider of precision robotic assembly lines. This agreement is aimed at promoting mutually beneficial cooperation which would stimulate the development of the Swiss watch industry.

In the framework of this cooperation, there are big plans for producing not only specialized equipment for printing on different types of dials, but also all related equipment and consumables such as: printers for marking leather bands, metal and aluminum parts of dial-works; special protective coatings; lubricating solutions for the work of mechanisms, and so on.

At this moment, companies are carrying out significant research on newest technologies of producing of watches, raw materials, and mechanical components. The centers of engineering developments and laboratory work are Technopark in Sierre, Switzerland, and Academpark in Siberian Academgorodok.

We believe that this alliance is promising and profitable for everyone involved, and this partnership agreement is only the beginning in the history of productive relationship between Russian technologies and world-wide brands with successful track records.