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Electronics for Fujifilm Dimatix printheads
StarFire, Spectra, Samba, Polaris, Sapphire, Emerald

Inkjet printhead offering complete fluid support and signal processing capabilities for eco-solvent, UV-curable and aqueous inks at resolutions up to 900 dpi.

Fujifilm Dimatix produces a broad variety of printheads, usually applied in high-capacity industrial printing equipment. DPS Innovations developed a complete solution for controlling of printing systems equipped with SG-1024 StarFire printheads. StarFire is a rather universal printhead, compatible with a variety of inks and printing systems. Common applications – textile, ceramic, UV printing. These printheads have built-in ink re-circulation system, which allows jetting of fluids containing higher density pigments.

We recommend you to consider application of SG-1024 StarFire printheads when you need a single-pass system for marking and labeling, printing on textile, ceramic, banner substrates. Several modifications of this printhead allows selecting of the model with required native drop size.

Only with DPS:

  • Easy integration into print systems
  • Flexible settings parameters

Best solution for:

  • Industrial printing systems
  • Ceramic production
  • Textile production

Printhead's specs:

  • Separate ink paths
  • Continuous ink recirculation with RediJet™
  • Robust and repairable construction
  • Incorporate VersaDrop™ binary and grayscale jetting
  • Removable/replaceable collar mounted, coated metal nozzle plate


Galaxy JA 256/50 AAA Galaxy JA 256/80 AAA Galaxy PH 256/50 AAA Galaxy PH 256/80 AAA Galaxy JA 256/30 AAA Galaxy PH 256/30 AAA Nova PH 256/80 AAA Nova JA 256/80 AAA SE-128 AA SM-128 AA SL-128 AA Polaris PQ-512/15 ААА Polaris PQ-512/35 ААА Polaris PQ-512/85 ААА Sapphire QS-256/10 AAA Sapphire QS-256/30 AAA Sapphire QS-256/80 AAA Emerald QE-256/30 AAA Emerald QE-256/80 AAA StarFire™ SG1024/MC StarFire™ SG1024/MC-2C StarFire™ SG1024/MA StarFire™ SG1024/MC-2C StarFire™ SG1024/SA StarFire™ SG1024/SA-2C StarFire™ SG1024/SC Samba G3L Galaxy PH 256/30 HM Galaxy PH 256/80 HM SX3 SE3