Control Electronics for Printers
Different print heads. One solution.
Supported Printheads

S3200, S800, S1600
Gen 5, 5s, 6, GH2220 and others
StarFire SG-1024, Samba G3L
KM1024, KM1024i, KM512, KM 512i
KL4A-0300, KJ4B-0300, KL4A-RH, KJ4B-YH,KJ4B-QA
RC1536, GS1024
Driver for any printhead in 3 months
Versatile Modular Solution

All of the system’s parts could work independently from one another, based on the project’s needs.

The communication between all the parts of the system provided by CAN Bus, which gives the opportunity to expand the system and provide additional features.
Three System Levels

The logical interaction between all levels is based on the CAN protocol Transport layer-CAN bus with the ability to connect via TCP/IP (Ethernet)
High Level
Graphic User Interface for a printer operators to control all systems
Middle Level
To operate software and communication with external logic controller (PLC)
Low Level
Hardware to provide inputs and outputs with external devices
DPS Innovations is the of top-three companies in the world are able to create control electronics for your printing system.

We work with the famous printheads' manufacturers, RIP software developers, scientific universities and fairs.
Single- or Multi-Pass

The DPS drive engine for single-pass systems remains sustainable and supports up to 120 print heads operating at high frequencies while monitoring ink supply and curing systems at the same time. 

The drive engine makes possible to implement digital inkjet WITHOUT CHANGING THE ENTIRE PRODUCTION PROCESS SIGNIFICANTLY. 
Complex yet versatile, DPS drive electronics grants the ability to produce the variety of multi-pass printers with different types of print heads and configurations while 90% of the components are remaining the same.
UV-LED Curing Systems

UV LED units, that are taking part in curing process by using UV light optical power at long distance (40mm and more) with extra-long service life (60.000+ hours) providing highest quality, which is ensured by innovative control system.

All of our UV LED units are equipped with professional cooling system, which provides the best performance and long life for the UV LED unit.
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