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About Us

DPS Innovations offers to the global market a reliable combination of control electronics and software, which can provide inkjet equipment manufacturers with a turn-key solution for multiple industrial applications. In addition to cutting edge control solutions for industrial printers, DPS produces UV LED lamps used for curing of ultraviolet inks and special coatings. DPS Innovations is a private company with its headquarters located in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.

Our innovative research and development

The team started working on R&D in inkjet printing sector in 2001 with developing software and control electronics for solvent and UV printers within SUN Innovations Company – a large-format printing machines’ manufacturer.

In April 2006, DPS' engineers presented the first in the world working prototype of the inkjet large format printer with UV LED ink curing system and special UV inks. Patent for the new technology of ink curing by light diodes emitting UV light of uniform wave length, without additional usage of luminescent lamps, was registered in 2008. The system was developed in cooperation with SUN Innovations’ Chemistry Department and marked the new, eco-friendly (UV LED unit emits no ozone), era of UV printing.

In 2007 most up-to-date and high performance module for data transmission to printheads through PCI-e data bus at a speed of 1 Gbit (4 Gbit by special order) was presented by DPS team. The company has 7 patents for software control electronics used in large format printers by now.

Manufacturers we are already working with

Ever since the R&D department restructured into an independent company DPS Innovations, in 2011, DPS team develops software and electronics for global inkjet printing market.

DPS designs new solutions and develops UV LED ink curing units, electronics and software for inkjet digital printing machines of such well-known manufacturers as THIEME, Eurotech, Yaselan, Allwin, Longier, Gateway, Wuxi Design, d.gen etc.

THIEME: THIEME Digital 3000 D
Technology: Flatbed UV Printer
Print Heads: Konica Minolta 1024 M
Speed Settings: 164 m2/h (Draft), 119 m2/h (Basis), 80 m2/h (Quality), 50 m2/h (High-End)
Electronics: DPS Innovations

d.gen: Teleios Grande G5
Technology: Textile printer
Print Heads: Ricoh GEN4L
Speed Settings: 190 m²/h (2 pass), 140 m²/h (3 pass), 110 m²/h (4 pass), 74 m²/h
(6 pass)
Electronics: DPS Innovations
Technopark Sierre, Switzerland

D.gen company sold over 400 textile printing machines priced at 300 000 Euros per unit with electronics from DPS Innovations.

In 2012 DPS Innovations became affiliated with IQDEMY International Holding. Also that year DPS signed a strategic partnership agreement with Caldera company; This company's high reputation and popularity of its RIP software contributes to DPS project's status and marketing of the ready solution. Year 2013: Development of high-speed data transfer systems used by power generation plants, and by manufacturing facilities to manage and control their operations. Since 2014 DPS Innovations' Head Office is located in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. Sales, R&D and Production offices are still based in Novosibirsk Technopark in Russia. There is also a small production and sorting facility in Crans-Montana to serve company's international client base.

In September, 2014 DPS Innovations has become a resident of Technopark Sierre in Switzerland, where company's Headquaters is situated. Company’s Swiss R&D office was jointly founded in partnership with MANTEL Digital AG Company from Zurich

Nowadays, over 2000 units of industrial printing systems around the globe are equipped with DPS electronics. DPS offers solutions for conventional multi-pass or for high capacity single-pass printing. Flexible control system developed by DPS supports a variety of printheads, ensuring efficient printing on textile, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper and any other substrates printed by means of inkjet technology.