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DPS Innovations produces electronics for the newest print heads. New arrivals of the spring of 2018!

The market of inkjet printing is always changing, new solutions are being developed, including the field of electronics for print heads. Each year manufacturers of the printed heads offer products for different types of printing, increasing the level of quality of final products.

But for any modern print head, a properly selected and appropriate electronics is needed. DPS Innovations is responsible for the excellent quality and compatibility of electronics with advanced print heads.

DPS Innovations engineers are always ready to develop electronics not just for the newest print heads, but even for those whose release has been only announced.

For example, one of our advanced developments is the electronics for the head of SAMBA GMA from FUDJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., whose release was only announced in June 2017. The company assures that the speed, accuracy and modularity of the new product set a new level of quality print heads. For our part, we have prepared the best solution for the work of this new equipment.

The second newest solution is electronics for print heads of single-pass printing. FUDJIFILM has released the print head SAMBA G3L especially for this technology. It has a width of only 43 mm and it can be easily integrated into any board of print heads.

And one more thing - DPS Innovations is moved to the final stage of development the electronics for another well-known company - Xerox, a new series of products which has already gone on sale. Xerox W-series - compact print heads designed especially to increase the efficiency of water and UV-LED inks.

It’s worth noting that for years proven high quality of electronics for the print heads developed by DPS Innovations company for the listed companies and many other well-known brands cause no doubts. In the range of our company there are serial products, and we always follow the trends in the field of printing and develop solutions in the field of electronics for various products, and even ahead of their official launch into production. Therefore, we are ready to offer the development of any individual solution for your needs.


1. GMA - a new head from Fujifilm
2. Samba G3L is also a head from Fijufilm, designed especially for single-pass solutions