Electronics for XEROX W1 - W2 80kHz Inkjet Printhead
The Xerox® W-Series 80kHz Printhead family brings to market an industry-leading 5,544 jets in a compact printhead design combining high resolution, increased operating frequencies and a generous print width to maximize quality and efficiency for Aqueous and UV applications.

When you want to print on the most desirable media, you need a printhead that’s up to the challenge. Xerox® W-Series Printheads are already being used successfully across a number of industries, from graphic arts and textiles to 3D and biomedical printing.

Now a version of this Xerox® original joins with Xerox® High Fusion Ink to bring game-changing productivity, quality, and reliability to the production inkjet printing market in a radical new press platform: the Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press. 

Xerox has been designing printheads for well over two decades. For example, we engineered the printheads in the Xerox® CiPress 325 and CiPress 500 inkjet presses, which even today reliably produce tens of millions of impressions per month around the world. We’ve developed a rigorous testing protocol for every new printhead technology. The process includes four general areas— longevity, thermal cycles, flowability, and thermal aging.
W-Series Technology Features
1200 NPI Jet Array
The W-Series jet array contains 5,544 jets capable of being divided into:
  • Single 1200 npi mono jetstack array Material compatibility demonstrated on various Aqueous and UV inks.
  • 600 npi 2 channel jetstack array Material compatibility demonstrated on various Aqueous and UV inks.
High Frequency Operation
With a maximum operating frequency up to 80 kHz, the W-series provides superior throughput and performance.
Compatible Optional Components
  • Xerox® Drive Module
  • Roll Stitch Motors
Printhead's specs
Compatible Inks
Number of Addressable Jets
Single Color Nozzle Spacing
21.2 (1200)
Rows of Nozzles
Columns of Nozzles
Drop Size
Operating Temperature (Max)
Operating Frequency (Max)

Only with DPS:
  • Highest speed
  • Full access to printhead parameters
  • Cheap and efficient

Best solution for:
  • UV printing
  • Water-based printing

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