Digital Printing Solution for Different Purposes

DPS has more than 20 years of experience working on complex printing systems. During this time, we have implemented digital printing in many production systems, connecting our modules and components to quality control systems, conveyor distribution, etc.

Our experience allows us to go beyond the usual standards of industries and implement the most ambitious and complex printing systems for our customers that solve production tasks of current importance.

The DPS team consists not only of digital printing experts but also of other production systems’ technicians, as well as a powerful Chemical Department that develops inks and protective coatings specifically for DPS Innovations solutions.

Share your task with us and we will offer, develop and produce an effective high-quality solution and install it anywhere in the world.
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Ready-Made Solutions

As part of the IQDEMY holding, which includes DPS Innovations, we have implemented dozens of complex unique systems for different manufacturing industries.

We can offer you some of them as a ready-made solution. The purchase of such solutions will allow you to save the budget and achieve your production goals faster.

Go to our main R&D website and investigate the advanced solutions.
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