Control Electronics

DPS supplies control electronics to printer manufacturers worldwide. Our electronics has modular design, this product is extremely versatile and allows quick development of new models of printing equipment with required characteristics, modernization of existing pieces of equipment, or customized production.

Our typical control set includes a set of boards necessary to have control of all functions of the printer: Motion Control system, Ink Supply system (vacuum/air supply to printheads), Data Transfer system, Printhead drivers, and any additional system operations if necessary.

The set of electronics is the same for solvent, UV, textile and ceramic printers (except some cases when technical peculiarities like ink circulation for ceramic printers or controlling of UV lamp should be resolved – and it is done by re-configuration of one of the universal controllers used in the set).

We have proven driver solutions for the following printheads: Ricoh Gen4 and Gen4L, Кonica Мinolta 512 and 1024, Spectra Polaris 512PQ/Emerald. For any other printheads our developers can design a driver within 2 or 3 months upon request.

Ricoh GEN 4/5/6
Ricoh GH2220
Kyocera UV
Kyocera Aqueous
Konica Minolta
UV-LED Curing Units

Our development team was the first in the world to introduce commercially efficient UV LED ink curing technology in 2007. Since that time we have been supplying UV LED curing units to wide-format printer manufacturers around the world.

We can develop UV LED blocks which are capable of curing with high UV light optical power at long distance (40 mm and more), with extra long service life (60,000+ hours) ensured by quality UV LEDs and innovative control system. All of our UV LED units are provided with professional cooling system, which gives the highest performance and long life of a UV LED.
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