Electronics for Panasonic UH-HA800 series
Panasonic company and DPS Innovations are working on solution for UH-HA800 printhead with several major advantages:

  1. Improved Ink Jetting straightness (Dot placement accuracy) enables high quality printing on materials with large uneven surfaces even with a wide print gap between the Inkjet Head and the print surface.
  2. Satellite Dot Reduction and Perfect Circle Dots enables the clear printing of fine detail.
  3. Compatible with a wide variety of inks, including water based, UV, solvent, resin inks, as well as high viscosity ink with the addition of a heater, allowing for a wider range of application to different surfaces.

Printhead's specs
Compatible Inks
Print Width: 56.3 mm
Resolution: 360dpi with 800 nozzles
Ink heating system: implemented
Drop frequency: 8-10m/sec
Max. frequency: 100 kHz
Drop size: 3-30pl
Water based, UV, Oil based

Only with DPS:
  • Full control solution for implementation
  • Maximum frequency

Best solution for:
  • High-quality industrial printing

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