Electronics for Konica Minolta KM512, KM1024, KM1024i
Control electronic system for printers equipped with Konica Minolta printheads.
Konica Minolta leads in production of printheads for mid-level industrial inkjet printers. Such popular models as KM512 and KM1024 ensure high quality of printing with many brands of inks and lacquers, and many thousands of printers around the world are equipped with these printheads.

DPS Innovations offers a reliable and simple control solution for Konica Minolta printheads based printing equipment. Our system gives an opportunity to fully control the print process, managing such functions as ink supply system (for different color channels, and with recirculation control option), bridge and carriage movement, operation mode set up and synchronized jetting of printheads, material supply and take-up. 

Any necessary peripheral devices, like drop-watcher, can be connected. Industrial external interface of the system allows to integrate the system into existing production lines.

Control system supplied by DPS is a complete solution for your printing equipment, which reveals 100 per cent of Konica Minolta printheads capacity.

Printhead's specs
Compatible Inks
180dpi x 2 lines
512 or 1024 nozzles
Internal heater available
8 levels greyscale
Water based, UV, Oil based

Only with DPS:
  • High fault tolerance
  • Full access to all settings

Best solution for:
  • Wide-format printing
  • Built-in printing systems for packaging

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