Electronics for Ricoh printheads
Complete system, including fast and reliable printhead adaptors, designed to control printing process with Ricoh GEN4, GEN4L, GEN5 printheads.

The 4th and the 5th generations of printheads manufactured by Ricoh are among most quality and reliable printheads for industrial equipment. They are compatible with many types of inks, which allows their use in aqueous, solvent, UV applications.

DPS Innovations actively promotes the control solutions for Ricoh Gen4 and Gen5 printheads, announced by our company in 2010 and 2013, correspondingly. These days, several hundreds of industrial textile machines manufactured by prominent Korean producer d.gen, Inc are driven by the electronic system developed by DPS Innovations. German Thieme GmbH uses our solution in complex industrial printing systems, taking advantage of combining conventional analogue and newest digital technologies. As of May 2015, over 3000 digital machines all over the world use the electronic boards and control software developed by our company.

Ricoh GEN4, GEN4L, GEN5
Printhead's specs
Compatible Inks
Up to 1280 nozzles
8 levels greyscale capability
Up to 4 colors wth 150 npi
63 x 63 x 16,2 mm
8 levels greyscale capability
Water based, UV curable, Solvent, Oil

Only with DPS:
  • Increased frequency up to 60KHz.
  • Twice reduced droplet size to 3,5pL
Best solution for:
  • UV-printing
  • High resolution printing
  • Multi-pass systems
  • High-production systems

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